Indecisiveness should be my middle name

I felt so special when Quy Ma invited me to share my story!

Indecisive. That’s me. It started when I realized in my senior year of High School that life was about to get REAL. So that year I switched high schools 4 times. By choice. Can you imagine being the new senior at an urban high school 4 times in a row? And as you can probably imagine the fame of being “new” was short lived at each school so I ended up just going back to my original high school and finishing out the year there. Yup. …

Forgiveness isn’t earned, it’s given.

Forgiveness isn’t earned, it’s given.

Often times the saying goes “Forgiveness must be earned” but that is not always the case. Waiting on someone to “earn” your forgiveness will only bog you down with unhealthy thoughts and feelings. When you forgive, it’s not for the offender, it’s for you. Most often it’s not deserved let alone earned. However, it is the one action that will lift the stress off your shoulders.

Do not wait around for anyone to show up with big gifts and big shows of apology to decide whether or not to forgive them. …

Ways my daughter and I are working together to combat her anxiety

It started as a normal morning. I was getting ready for work, and she was cleaning up her background to get ready for Zoom Classes. Isn’t that the beauty of distance learning? You can make anything within the webcam view look perfect so that other students won’t judge you based on your lifestyle.

Just as I was getting ready to leave for the day, she said, “Mom, something is wrong.”

“What’s wrong now?” I replied. Before you judge my parenting skills, please know that this is a teenager specializing in the Performing Arts, so the dramatic scale in my house…

Writing Prompt

Don’t Get Caught Without a Mask

The American Government is sick and tired of non-patriots talking loosely and costing Americans’ lives.

Loose Talk is therefore banned in 37 states, 8 hotels, Walmart, and any restaurant that has their prices on the menu.

Loose Talk is not allowed in your car with the ventilation on. If you must Loose Talk, please close your heating and air conditioning vents, roll up your windows, put your hazard lights on and then speak.

Loose Talk is not allowed in your private residence if you share that residence with 2.5 additional people. …

Spend this month of February watching good movies

Black History Month is a great time to open your mind and heart to learn Black Stories, embrace Black Culture and bridge the gap to the cultural and racial divide.

This is just a listicle. Don’t we all love a good list? Many of these movies I have seen and many I have wanted to see over the years, so here’s to a Black History Challenge of 1 movie a day for 28 days.

Join me by watching or even adding to the list.

  • Rosewood

It was just two weeks but you too may need a break from MEDIUM

Hiatus may be too strong of a word to use for such a short break but I like the way it looked in title caps so here we are.

The beginning of the year always comes like a whirlwind. We plan so many goals for the new year and we can’t wait to wake up on January 1st and hit the ground running with our new life, our new resolutions and our hopes and dreams of making the year before us a lot different than the year behind us.

So like many of us I was ready to make change…

Really, that’s all I should eat?

It was New Year’s Eve when I read the dreadful article that stated that an average American should consume around 500 calories a day for lunch. WHAT? I immediately quit reading because I thought that kind of negativity shouldn’t be allowed in my life that close to a New Year. Do people really only eat 500 calories for lunch?

Now here’s the thing, I know your calorie intake is based off of your personal nutritional and dietary needs and everyone is different but 500 calories seems to me like you just have 4.5 carrots daily while staring at your computer…

Insight into the way we speak about prayer

When hearing about turmoil or trials in peoples lives and even in our own life we often say “Well all we can is pray for him/her” or “only thing left to do is to pray” when everything else that we have tried was unsuccessful. We treat prayer as a second hand tool to our lives problems. We try everything else before we try prayer to connect spiritually.

Prayer is not “all” we can do. Prayer is the “best” that we can do.

If we change our language surrounding prayer and it’s effectiveness we will use it more frequently as a…


Is it harder to buy a condom from Walgreens than it is to get into the Capitol Building?

Did the entire security team call off like a band of teachers fighting back against COVID-19 school protocols or did everyone say “F — it” and give up doing their jobs like you give up waiting in a thousand-person line at the post office just to buy one measly stamp and mail your Granny a card?

Whatever it was, I’m assuming security at the Capitol was ‘hella laxed’ like a mom pretending to not hear her toddler screaming through the supermarket. …

Deadlines are soon but you could be the poet they are waiting on to submit

A new year should bring on bigger and better endeavors and if you haven’t already ventured into the world of Writing Contests, now is a great time to do so. Here’s a list of some great poetry contests to get you started. Apply, you never know what can happen!

Danita Hall

#sosheblogs Danita Hall is a human by day and a Humor, Parenting, Lifestyle, HR, Ranting Blogger by night.

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